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We reunite people with Lost & Found documents in Ghana!

Our sole purpose is to reunite lost and found documents to their respective owners using the dynamic communication channels provided by the Internet. What could be more satisfying than returning the precious passport or national IDs to their respective owners?

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Use the client portal to submit the required detailed information about your lost item.

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If you have parcels to deliver to your clients in the Greater Accra Region, we’ve got you covered.

Submit a found document

Partner institutions and private individuals who have found a lost document can make a submission on the client portal.

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Receiving parcels is now hustle free for all who use our top-notch delivery service.

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At GIH Lost And Found, we show appreciation for the good gestures of individuals who locate and submit lost documents.

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 GIH Lost and Found Ltd is a company incorporated under the laws of Republic of Ghana with Registration Number CS056500323. Our primary focus i ... Read more

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